I can't remember the context of our conversation but my husband recently informed me there are no original ideas.  I am not sure if I fully believe that, but what I do believe is that most ideas stem from inspiration, and that inspiration typically comes from somewhere else or someone else. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Gleaning inspiration from what is around us is so important, looking outside of ourselves helps us flourish, and now a days with the internet, inspiration is only a click away!

So in the spirit of inspiration I am taking a cue from fellow bloggers by writing my own post about the latest internet sensation, and my favorite new pass time  time sucker, Pinterest. Pinterest is a virtual pin board where you can organize all of your ideas and inspirations such as: home decor, DIY projects, fashion ideas, favorite recipes, and more! Best of all you can browse the pin boards of others.  It's like picking a thousand different creative brains! Find something you want to know more about and there is usually a link to the original source of the pin.

In fact just the other day a friend of mine sent me a link to one of her Pinterest boards dedicated solely to painted dressers. She is trying to get inspiration for an upcoming furniture painting endeavor of her own. With just a few clicks of the mouse she had at minimum 30 different images of hand painted dressers sparkling with inspiration!

Another friend of mine is a fashion designer and has all kinds of pinboards that inspire her work, photo styling, studio space, and more. 

As for myself in addition to party plans, interior inspirations, and menu ideas, I keep a board where I pin only things with chevron stripes.  Silly I know, but I have an mild obsession with all things chevron striped, and now I have somewhere to tuck all that chevron love away!  

It's like a giant file folder full of dreams, and who wouldn't want that?! If you have any interest in following my Pinterest boards or starting a board of your own, you can click on the new follow me on Pinterest button I just added to the left. I am however warning you in advance, it can be a bit addictive, so proceed with caution, and HAPPY PINNING!

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  1. Pinterest! LOVE IT and sooo very addicting! Thanks for visiting my blog and entering that contest! I hope you win! It would be great to decorate your new place with one of Jen's paintings :)